Servo feeder

Computerized NC control system, humanized design, simple operation interface, high feeding accuracy, good stability, easy maintenance and high efficiency.

Best servo feeder can improve your production efficiency and win market competitiveness for you.

Precision AC electronic control system;

Touch screen and button dual control mode;

7-inch large touch screen operation interface;

With multi-stage feeding function;

The roller adopts bearing steel heat treatment and quenching HRC60 degrees, after hard chrome plating and grinding;

Optional mechanical relaxation or pneumatic relaxation;

Under the premise that the mold has positioning pins, the feeding accuracy is +0.02;

Program induction feeding, connect to punch cam, adjust feeding and relaxation time at will;

The material end detection device can be installed, and the punch can be automatically stopped when there is no material;

There are three models with material thickness of 2.2mm, 3.2mm and 4.5mm to choose from;

Mechanical components


Straightening roller

Feed roller

Bearing steel (Japan SUJ2 same grade) after heat treatment,

Hardening treatment, hard chrome plating, grinding, HRC above 60 degrees


Japan's NSK, KOYO, NTN and other brands

Copper lining



Quenching treatment

Leveling adjustment

Four-point turbo with handwheel and percentile, accurate to 0.1mm

Feeding spindle

Baosteel High Strength Medium Carbon Steel

Electronic control part


servo motor

Kawanan, Japan

Control System



Siemens, Germany

Frequency converter




Operation panel controls

Schneider Electric

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