Leveling machine

Product performance of MJ precision straightening machine:

[1] High precision, high speed, special structure material leveling machine for thin plates;

[2] This machine is a powerful new design for high-speed stamping work, which can improve the quality and output of punch products;

[3] It can eliminate the stress of the coil material well, and lay a good foundation for stamping out a good workpiece;

[4] The transmission device and the frequency converter can be synchronized with the punch speed and balanced feed;

Special models can be produced according to customers' special requirements;

[5] The leveling roller is made of bearing steel, hardened and chromium plated by high frequency quenching HR60℃, and then ground. It has high hardness, good wear resistance and long service life.

GLS material straightening machine product features:

1.After the material is corrected by the machine, it is smooth and smooth without indentation, and does not damage the surface of the material. It is suitable for various metal plates;

2. This machine adopts the electric contact system and electronic parts of Japan, with few failures and long life;

3. The machine can be used alone, and it can be used together with MT, MTD, MTDM automatic feeding racks with good results;

4. The roller is chrome plated, very durable and has a very long life.

The advantages of GLS material straightening machine:

1. Using induction contact control, safe, reliable and simple;

2. After the material is corrected, it is smooth and smooth without indentation, and does not damage the surface of the material;

3. This machine can be used alone, at the same time can be used with MT type, DMT type, the effect is good;

According to the need of discharging speed, stepless speed change device can be used.

Thick plate straightening machine-leveling machine

The main purpose of the machine

It can be applied to the leveling of various cold and hot rolled plates. Due to its convenient and simple operation, the application range covers many industries such as machinery, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, electronics, power, light industry, etc., especially in shipbuilding, rolling stock, boiler bridges, metal structure factories, and high-strength boards such as military industry and aerospace Leveling has become an indispensable product in production.

The plate corrector uses the material's "Basinger effect" to perform multiple positive and negative bendings on the plate, gradually changing the various original curvatures to a single curvature, and finally leveling it. The adjustment method of the upper roller is mechanical adjustment.

The structure and characteristics of the machine

It is composed of frame, working roller, movable beam, upper and lower supporting rollers, pressing mechanism, feeding device, blanking device, transmission device, automatic lubrication system, electrical control system and other parts.

1. Rack:

The frame is a welded structure, and the welding seam has undergone strict inspection, vibration and aging treatment to eliminate internal stress. The frame is the main force-bearing component of the machine. While it is designed with sufficient strength and rigidity, it is further strengthened according to the technical characteristics of the plate to ensure the need for steel plate leveling.

Frame machining process: CNC cutting and cutting of steel plates-processing bevel number of each plate-shaped part-welding-vibration aging treatment-boring machine processing.

2. Activity beam:

The movable beam is a steel plate welded structure. The vibration aging treatment eliminates internal stress. The movable beam has sufficient strength to ensure the leveling accuracy of the steel plate and reduce the leveling times.

3. Depression mechanism:

The depressing mechanism is composed of a motor, a worm gear reducer, and a screw and a wire nut. The screw clearance is eliminated by the upper spring. The motor drives the worm gear reducer to make the screw move up and down to achieve the whole up and down power or swing of the upper work roll.

The relative position between the work rolls can be adjusted arbitrarily, and different thicknesses, materials and sheets can be leveled to achieve better flatness requirements.

4. Upper and lower work rolls

The work roll is the main key working part of the machine. The material of the work roll is 42Crmo. The surface of the finishing car is quenched by high frequency to meet the hardness requirements. The work roll bearings are made of high-quality rolling mill bearings, with low friction and long service life.

5. Support roller

This machine is equipped with two rows of support rollers at the top and bottom to improve the strength of the work rollers. The back-up roller adopts 42Crmo finish turning and finishing process. Two sets of bearings are installed in each set of support rollers. The support roller is oblique iron type, which is convenient for height adjustment to meet different strength requirements.

6. Main transmission: The main transmission work roller adopts two-stage transmission mode with large driving force and low noise. The gearbox is driven by the reducer and then the work rolls are driven through the universal drive shaft. The reducer uses a four-axis hardened gear reducer.

6. Base:

The base is a steel plate welded structure, which is treated with vibration and aging.

7. Lubrication system:

Using automatic oil injection pump for lubrication, each upper and lower roller rotating parts can get effective lubrication.

8. Electrical system:

The main electrical cabinet and moving handle of the electrical system of this machine are composed. With over-current and over-voltage protection. Quick and easy to use and maintain.

Fourth, the design, manufacture, inspection and installation of the products meet the following standards

JB3623-84 "Measurement method of noise of forging machinery"

GB5226.1-2002"General technical conditions for industrial machinery and electrical equipment"

JB/T8609-1997"Forging Machinery Welding Technical Conditions"

V. Unit data

1. Power supply voltage: three-phase 380V AC 15%

Frequency: 50HZ 1HZ

2. Operating environment Temperature beside the machine: -10--+40 degrees

Humidity: 20-80%

Altitude: <1000m

3. Protection class IP40

4. Unit operator

1-2 operators


The material straightening machine is suitable for the flattening of medium plate materials with a thickness of 0.5-3.0mm. The leveling rollers are ¢60mm, and the top 3 and 4 are arranged.

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