product description:

The material rack is suitable for the collection and unwinding of various coiled materials. Both thin metal and non-metallic materials can be added. Motor power can be added to match the feeding device. The brake device can be adjusted tightly and the main shaft uses a reinforced type to make the material roll rotate more smoothly and increase its load force. Cooperate with the indispensable parts of the fully automatic production of the punch press, saving manpower, material resources, reducing costs, and the effect is particularly good.

Types of Best Material

(1) Light material rack

(2) Heavy duty rack

(3) Heavy powered rack

(4) Heavy-duty non-powered material rack

(5) Double-head material rack

(6) Material waste receiving rack

Advantages of best press rack

(1) Save refueling time and improve production efficiency;

(2) Can be used together with the correction machine;

(3) The motor and electric control can be added to a powered feeder;

(4) There are two expansion methods: manual expansion and hydraulic expansion (special equipment);

(5) If the material is narrow, it can be customized to move around (special equipment).

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