Metal feeder for deep thorat power press

1. Two-axis linkage, independent digital control of two-dimensional coordinate movement;

2. Transmission and locking of precision screw controlled by servo motor;

3. Manual fast, slow and incremental movements can be performed at the same time;

4. Mixed programming of absolute coordinates and relative coordinates;

5. Software compensation of screw backlash;

6. Decimal data input;

7. Adopt ISO international standard numerical control code programming;

8. Call, modify, delete, insert and other editing functions;

9. Dry running self-diagnosis, error program display;

10. Overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating, and wrong phase protection;

11. Continue processing function at breakpoint;

12. CED graphics automatically turn into processing codes;

13. Can control the closing and opening of the punch.

Xinjie PLC Industrial Control System

Taiwan TBI guide screw

Domestic servo motor

Customer own industrial computer

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